Unique Fruits all Over the World

Unique Fruits

List of Unique Fruits that Unbelievably Existing Unique Fruits from all over the world that surely can amaze you that for some people this fruits taste nice but others don’t. If you live in North or South America, a fruit that is prevalent in Southeast Asia or India can seem strange to you, and vice … Read more

Grade 9 Student Sells Fruits While Attending His Online Class

Grade 9 Student

Inspiring Photos of Grade 9 Student Selling Fruits While Attending His Online Class Earn Praises Online A grade 9 student is selling fruits along Marulas, Valenzuela while attending his online class and completing his learning module. A Facebook user named “Benj Gonzales” has shared the inspiring photos of a grade 9 student identified as Mika … Read more

Farmers in Bulacan Sell their Produce Online Due to Ongoing ECQ

Farmers in Bulacan Sell their Produce Online Due to Ongoing ECQ Group of farmers from San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan decided to sell their produce online due to ongoing enhanced community quarantine. Due to the enhanced quarantine community (ECQ) declared by the President Duterte to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in … Read more

Fruits, Vegetables Covered In Ash Washed Safe To Eat – DOH

DOH Says It’s Safe To Eat Fruits, Vegetables Covered In Ash After Washing FRUITS, VEGETABLES COVERED IN ASH – Following its eruption, Taal Volcano spewed giant ash clouds that covered nearby areas in thick layers of ash. Several animals were left behind as residents evacuated from the danger zone. As the people flee, the once … Read more

Fruit Vendor Deceives Customers Using Tricky Weighing Scale

Fruit Vendor

Fruit Vendor Uses Tricky Weighing Scale To Deceive Her Customers A fruit vendor deceiving her customers using tricky weighing scales was caught on camera and now making rounds on the social media. Most Filipino people usually bought fruit products and fruits before going home as “Pasalubong” to their families and loved ones. On the other hand, … Read more

Powerful Health Benefits Of Lanzones That You Should Know


Lanzones Powerful Health Benefits Lanzones is a sweet edible fruit that contains numerous nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which are beneficial to the body’s health. Lanzones is also known as Langsat and has a scientific name of “Lansium Parasiticum,” which came from the family of mahogany plant. This plant can be usually found in tropical climate … Read more