Disabled Man Shares Food on His Birthday

Disabled Man

Disabled Man Earns Praise From Netizens for Sharing Food on His Birthday GENEROUS PWD MAN – A disabled man who regularly begs money in front of a supermarket to share food on his birthday. Persons with Disability” is a term used to refer to individuals who have physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental impairments that may … Read more

Nursing Student Assists Pregnant Woman in Giving Birth Inside Bus in La Union

Nursing Student

Nursing Student Receives Praise for Assisting Pregnant Woman’s Bus Birth A nursing student earns admiration from the online community for helping a pregnant woman give birth inside a bus in La Union. Nursing students are individuals studying to become nurses. They learn about the human body, different medical conditions, and how to provide care for … Read more

Kind-Hearted Police Officers Show Compassion to Elderly Man

Kind-Hearted Police Officers

Kind-Hearted Police Officers Earn Praise Online For Showing Compassion to Elderly Man GOOD SAMARITAN – Several kind-hearted police officers displayed an act compassion and provide some cash assistance to an elderly man. Kindness is like a magical force that can brighten up even the darkest days. It’s a special power that each of us possesses, … Read more

Kind-Hearted Traffic Enforcer Provides Free Meal to Elderly Woman

Traffic Enforcer

Kind-Hearted Traffic Enforcer Earns Praise Online For Showing Compassion to Elderly Woman A kind-hearted traffic enforcer goes viral and earns praise online showing compassion to an elderly woman. Traffic enforcers play an important role in making sure our roads are safe for everyone. These are the dedicated individuals you see on the streets wearing bright … Read more

Three Filipino Winners of British Council IELTS Prize 2023 Announced

IELTS Winners

21 November 2023 – The British Council, the UK’s international organisation for educational and cultural opportunities, has announced the winners of the prestigious IELTS Prize 2023. The annual competition supports IELTS test-takers with up to PHP 350,000 (£5,000) towards university tuition fees in English-speaking universities around the world, helping young ambitious people turn their academic … Read more

Brave Policeman Jumps Off Bridge to Rescue Drowning Girl

Brave Policeman

Brave Policeman Earns Praise Online for Jumping Off Bridge to Rescue Drowning Girl in Taytay, Rizal TAYTAY, RIZAL – A brave policeman exhibited exceptional courage by jumping off a bridge to save a drowning young girl. The incident, which occurred on October 6, 2023, resembled a scene straight out of an action movie. The brave … Read more