Lucky Fruits for New Year’s Eve 2024 (Good Luck & Prosperity)

Here are the So-Called Lucky Fruits for New Year’s Eve 2024

LUCKY FRUITS 2024 – Here are the twelve lucky fruits for New Year’s Eve 2024 that are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Many people around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks, extravagant parties, family reunions, and delicious treats. Mouth-watering, delicious, and healthy foods have become a part of the festive holidays.

As the countdown to the New Year begins, many cultures worldwide embrace traditions believed to invite good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. One delightful and tasty tradition involves the inclusion of lucky fruits in the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Lucky Fruits

Some people believe that serving certain types of fruits will bring them prosperity, good health, and good luck. Most of us serve round fruits during the holiday celebration.

Here are the so-called lucky fruits that you can serve during New Year’s Eve 2024 celebration:

Oranges and Tangerines

In many cultures, oranges and tangerines are symbols of wealth and good luck. Their vibrant colors represent prosperity, while their round shape is associated with fullness and completeness. Mandarin oranges, in particular, are popular during the Chinese New Year, symbolizing abundance and happiness.


The tradition of eating twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight is believed to bring good luck for each month of the upcoming year.


The numerous seeds inside the fruit are associated with prosperity and the promise of new beginnings.


In some cultures, cutting an apple in half horizontally reveals a star-like shape, and it is believed that if the seeds inside form a star, it signifies good fortune in the coming year.


Their round shape and sweet taste symbolize abundance, and they are often displayed in homes and shared among family and friends during the New Year festivities.

Lucky Fruits


Their vibrant red color is believed to symbolize prosperity and positive energy.


The circular shape of bananas is associated with continuous blessings and a positive cycle of abundance.


Lemons’ fragrance and essence are said to purify and dispel negative energy. They are frequently linked to optimism for the upcoming year, fresh starts, and purification.


This fruit’s distinctive purple and green colors stand for wealth. They also provide a healthy snack in case you get hungry.


Prosperity is represented by this fruit. They represent peace, prosperity, and abundance with their countless seeds.


In Feng Shui, pineapples are also widely used as symbols because they represent fortune, success, and prosperity.


This fruit’s round, red body symbolizes of luck and happiness.


Southeast Asian religions consider mangos as lucky charms, and both Buddhism and Hinduism have ceremonies involving them.

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