VP Leni Robredo Questions Proposed MGCQ Status For The Entire Country

Leni Robredo

Here’s the reaction of VP Leni Robredo about the proposed MGCQ status for the Philippines. VP LENI ROBRED0 – This is what Vice President Leni Robredo said about the proposed MGCQ status for the entire country amid pandemic and vaccine issues. MGCQ or the Modified General Community Quarantine is the loosest quarantine status imposed in … Read more

Phoebe Walker Rejects International Film Offer Due to This Requirement

Phoebe Walker Rejects Lead Role in International Film Due to This Reason Actress Phoebe Walker revealed she rejects international film lead woman role offer due to the uncomfortable requirement she needs to do. In an exclusive interview with PEP, Phoebe Walker admits that she received an international movie offer during the lockdown. But she refused … Read more

Duterte New Community Quarantine Classification Announcement

Duterte Expected To Announce A New Community Quarantine Classification NEW COMMUNITY QUARANTINE – President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to announce a new community quarantine classification next week. Currently, there are three major community quarantine classification – Enhanced, Modified, and General. But, as Metro Manila is about to end its 14-day “time out”, Duterte said he … Read more

Community Quarantine Areas in ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGCQ (July 16-31)

Community Quarantine

Here’s the community quarantine status of these areas starting July 16 to 31. COMMUNITY QUARANTINE – List of areas in the Philippines which will be put under ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, and MGCQ from July 16 to July 31. The National Capital Region (NCR), despite the rising of COVID-19 infected patients, will remain under the general … Read more

DTI Appealed to LGUs to Start Curfew Hours at Midnight Amid Quarantine

DTI Appealed to LGUs to Start Curfew at Midnight to Help Restaurants Amid Quarantine Department of Trade and Industry DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez appealed to local government units LGUs to start the curfew hours at midnight. Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez encourages LGUs that implementing a curfew in their areas during the community quarantine to start … Read more

Community Quarantine Levels in Philippines Starting July 1 to July 15

Community Quarantine

From July 1 to 15, this will be the community quarantine identification in Philippines. President Rodrigo Duterte announced the new community quarantine levels in the country starting July 1 to 15. On June 30, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte addressed the country announcing the new list of community quarantine levels and identification. This will be effective … Read more