JUST IN: Canada Prime Minister’s Wife Confirmed Positive for Coronavirus

Wife of Canada Prime Minister Positive for Coronavirus

CANADA PRIME MINISTER – The wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was confirmed positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Several countries across the globe now got confirmed cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Unfortunately, many nations even have multiple and increasing number of coronavirus deaths.

The said disease was first recorded in China before it infected people in several other countries. Some of the patients had a visit to China or a contact to coronavirus patients while others got no travel history in other nations.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits Mexico As Nafta Talks Continue In Washington
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Several known personalities across the globe also tested positive for the disease. There are also politicians and family of government leaders who tested positive for the disease.

Recently, a new report about the wife of a national prime minister crossed the surface. According to Boston Globe, the wife of Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, was confirmed positive for coronavirus.

The wife of the Prime Minister is now in isolation. Meanwhile, she is reportedly feeling well. With regards to the PM, he shows no symptoms and a testing is not yet recommended since he is in good health.

Currently, there are still no further information about it. More updates may be posted soon.

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