Gretchen Barretto, Marjorie Barretto 2013 Photo Earns Various Comments

Gretchen Barretto Marjorie Barretto

This photo of Gretchen Barretto and Marjorie Barretto way back in 2013 received comments. GRETCHEN BARRETTO – Controversial personalities Gretchen Barretto and Marjorie Barretto commented on their 2013 photo and netizens have these reactions. The feud of the Barretto sisters through the years was highly publicized and the recent one has happened a couple of years ago … Read more

Annabelle Rama Reveals Something About Marjorie Barretto

Annabelle Rama Marjorie Barretto

Annabelle Rama has this revelation about Marjorie Barretto Talent manager Annabelle Rama revealed something about former actress Marjorie Barretto who recently had a controversial encounter with her sister Gretchen Barretto. It can be recalled that Annabelle and Gretchen already clarified the screenshot issue that the latter had with the former’s daughter Ruffa Gutierrez. During the … Read more

Claudine Barretto Calls Greta ‘the best sister in the world’, Netizens React

Netizens react to “the best sister in the world” of Claudine Barretto to Gretchen Barretto Optimum star Claudine Barretto calls her older sister Gretchen Barretto “the best sister in the world” and this received mix reactions from netizens. After their reconciliation early this year, Greta and Clau frequently spotted bonding together. When their father Miguel … Read more

Marjorie Barretto Caught On Video Saying “Baka masapak ko si Inday”

Marjorie Barretto said this in a video “baka masapak ko si inday” Former actress Marjorie Barretto was caught on video saying, “baka masapak ko si Inday” and this garnered various speculations from netizens. Apparently, the Barretto saga is not yet over on social media. The controversy that started again when a physical confrontation happened between … Read more

Ruffa Gutierrez Shares Her Message To The Barretto Sisters

Ruffa Gutierrez has this message to the Barretto sisters Actress Ruffa Gutierrez shared her message to the Barretto sisters amid the social media word war between Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine. The famous celebrity sisters went controversial on social media just recently due to the physical commotion that happened during the wake of their father Miguel … Read more

Tonyboy Cojuangco, Atong Ang Photo Together Earns Various Comments

Gretchen Barretto

Tonyboy Cojuangco and Atong Ang photo together in a toast. TONYBOY COJUANGCO – Business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco captured with Atong Ang for a toast amid Gretchen Barretto’s issues with him. In a previous article, an intriguing sweet photo of Gretchen Barretto and businessman Atong Ang went viral online and instantly ignited speculations and just added to … Read more

Annabelle Rama to Gretchen Barretto: ‘Excited na ako lalaban’

Annabelle Rama has a fierce statement to Gretchen Barretto Celebrity mom and talent handler Annabelle Rama expressed fierce statement against former actress Gretchen Barretto and she said, “excited na ako lalaban”. This statement from Anabelle was initiated by Gretchen’s post against her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez. Recalling, the former beauty queen commented on the post of … Read more

Gretchen Versus Marjorie: Feud Featured In HK-Based News Publication

The Gretchen versus Marjorie Barretto issue was featured in news publication in Hong Kong GRETCHEN VERSUS MARJORIE – The Barretto sisters’ feud was featured in the Hong Kong-based news publication South China Morning Post. The issue between the celebrity sisters, including their youngest Claudine Barretto, is a hot topic on social media for a week … Read more