Netizens react to “the best sister in the world” of Claudine Barretto to Gretchen Barretto

Optimum star Claudine Barretto calls her older sister Gretchen Barretto “the best sister in the world” and this received mix reactions from netizens.

Claudine Barretto Gretchen Barretto
Photo courtesy of @claubarretto IG

After their reconciliation early this year, Greta and Clau frequently spotted bonding together. When their father Miguel Barretto passed away, the longstanding feud they have with Marjorie Barretto sparked by the physical confrontation that happened between them.

Behind the controversy, Greta and Clau remained at each other’s side against Marj. Just when everybody thought that their social media word war is over, new comtroversy surfaced against Marjorie and as always, she is ready to defend her side.

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Just recently, the youngest Barretto shared photos of her family when they attended a birthday party. One of her post was a series of photos with her Ate Gretchen. The Kapamilya star captioned that post with “the best sister in the world”.

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Netizens have mix reacrions to this. Several Instagram users agreed to her reactions as they lambasted their other sister. However, there were those who accused Claudine Barretto of just being “sipsip” to her older sister.

Claudine’s photo with Gretchen

Some netizens expressed that they are happy to see the two “beautiful women”. On the other hand, there were netizens who said that they noticed the sadness in the eyes of Claudine. Here are some comments.

Claudine Barretto
Netizens’ comments on Claudine’s post
Claudine Barretto
Netizens’ comments on Claudine’s post

Meanwhile, the Optimum Star also shared photos with her family, including her brother JJ Barretto.

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@gretchenbarretto with my family

A post shared by Claudine Barretto (@claubarretto) on

Claudine’s photos with family

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