Marjorie Barretto Caught On Video Saying “Baka masapak ko si Inday”

Marjorie Barretto said this in a video “baka masapak ko si inday”

Former actress Marjorie Barretto was caught on video saying, “baka masapak ko si Inday” and this garnered various speculations from netizens.

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Apparently, the Barretto saga is not yet over on social media. The controversy that started again when a physical confrontation happened between Gretchen, Marjorie, Claudine Barretto in the wake of their father, is still the talk of the town.

The longstanding feud between the celebrity sisters has involved showbiz and non-showbiz personalities over the years. Each camp is throwing dirt against the other. Controversy over controversies. Another controversy surfaced that involved Marjorie.

Photo Source: Inquirer

On a recent Instagram story of Gretchen, she shared a video that was taken in the hospital, apparently where their father was confined. The video was reposted on the IG account of @bashing.shing.

It can be seen in the video that Marjorie was with her family in the hospital hallway. She can be heard saying, “super drama to death si ano… Inday, baka masapak ko.” It was unclear who was she referring to as “Inday” but the caption of the post questioned if it was Mommy Inday, the matriarch of the Barretto family.

In the video, it can be noticed also that other members of her family were laughing because of what she said. Several netizens expressed their reactions to this. Some criticized Marjorie Barretto for saying that as they believed that she was referring to Mommy Inday.

On the other hand, there were netizens who guessed that perhaps she was talking about her youngest sister Claudine while the other one said it was for Gretchen. A netizen commented that the statement of the former actress can be referred to anyone as “inday” is being used in gay language to any person. Here are some of the comments.

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screenshot of netizens’ comment on Marjorie’s video

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