This photo of Gretchen Barretto and Marjorie Barretto way back in 2013 received comments.

GRETCHEN BARRETTO – Controversial personalities Gretchen Barretto and Marjorie Barretto commented on their 2013 photo and netizens have these reactions.

The feud of the Barretto sisters through the years was highly publicized and the recent one has happened a couple of years ago during their father’s wake. It was then followed by the exchange of controversial photos and videos over such an intense encounter where Gretchen and Marjorie fired heavy accusations and painful words against each other. As much as we are all aware, their youngest Claudine Barretto has reconciled with Greta last 2019 while she’s still not patched things up yet with Marjorie.

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In a previous article, Greta said that she will “never” dare fix her relationship with Marjorie. She even added that she’s been so toxic in her life and thumbs down being with who need to own what she owns. She said, “I value my life, my mental health, my peace, and my finances. I am not ready and I don’t think I will ever be for Marjorie.” 

And just recently, in the group photo that Arlene Muhlach shared on her social media, both Gretchen and Marjorie commented over the shot that was taken in Boracay eight (8) years ago when they were still on good terms. “June 2013. Wonderful memories” says Marjorie while Gretchen wrote, “That long ago.”

And people online seeing the two of them near each other and not in war, couldn’t help but pray and hope that they would reconcile soon. People online wished for peace for theirf family and for the Barretto sisters to be together again.

Gretchen Barretto Marjorie Barretto
Photo grabbed on IG

Check out some comments based on an entertainment website:

Mabait naman si Gretchen kapag friend niya. Wag mo lang galitin or gamitin.

Indeed, time heals all wounds and pain. I hope this is the beginning to reconciliation and peace. I know deep in their hearts that they are all healing and miss one another.

Sana magbati bati na sila!

Hoping for peace and reconciliation from these sibs!! Sana naman!!

Bka they blocked each other, di nila makita comment ng isat isa. Pero sana nga magkabati na cla.


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