Annabelle Rama has a fierce statement to Gretchen Barretto

Celebrity mom and talent handler Annabelle Rama expressed fierce statement against former actress Gretchen Barretto and she said, “excited na ako lalaban”.

Annabelle Rama Gretchen Barretto
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This statement from Anabelle was initiated by Gretchen’s post against her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez. Recalling, the former beauty queen commented on the post of Julia Barretto, the daughter of Marjorie Barretto. It is known to many that amid the Gretchen-Marjorie issue, the name of the young actress was dragged. Greta accused Ruffa of “nakikisawsaw” due to her “fresh” comment on the photo of Julia.

Gretche Barretto

With this, Annabelle fired back and posted against the former actress through her now-deleted lengthy Instagram post. Following that, Ruffa shared a series of posts about family and netizens speculate that those were her “patama” to Gretchen. However, the former beauty queen clarified that she has no intention to attack anybody.

Gretche Barretto

Regarding this issue, Annabelle Rama was also asked to react during the celebration of her 67th birthday. “It’s not worth it. Pero pag lumalaban siya, continue pa rin ako. Hindi naman ako magpapa-under maski kanino, ano?” she said, based on PEP’s report.

She said that she does not want to say anything since Gretchen already stopped attacking her daughter. However, the Gutierrez matriarch stated that she would have a longer statement if the former actress did not stop.

Ruffa Gutierrez, Annabelle Rama
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“Lahat ng hindi ko kabati, pasensiya na kayo, ‘Day, ‘no. Dapat kayo tumahimik na rin, mga naiinggit sa akin. Wala kayong magagawa, tuluy-tuloy ang suwerte ko,” she added.

When asked if she thinks Greta already stopped, Anabelle answered, “I don’t know, ako, excited na ako lalaban. Kaya lang tumahimik na, wala akong magawa!” After saying this, the celebrity mom laughed, based on the report.

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