Anne Curtis Shares Real Feelings About “Rigodon” In Noontime Shows

Anne Curtis

This is what Anne Curtis admitted in this interview. ANNE CURTIS – Noontime “rigodon” shook national television and this is what Anne Curtis truly felt when this happened. In the previous weeks, people talked about the clash of three noontime shows that simultaneously aired on television. Major changes and collaborations were also made which included … Read more

Anne Curtis Leaves This Comment About Eat Bulaga

Anne Curtis

Amid the issues, this is what Anne Curtis said about their rival show. ANNE CURTIS – Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis was asked about Eat Bulaga amid its issues and this is what she said about the noontime show. The production company TAPE Incorporated has changed owners and since the change of management, issues between the … Read more

Vice Ganda Jokes About Anne Curtis’ Fashion Events

Vice Ganda

Anne Curtis has been attending fashion events lately and Vice Ganda makes this joke about it. VICE GANDA – Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda expressed a message for Anne Curtis and this joke while she was away. A fashion show or French défilé de mode has different types. It could be a product launch, runway shows, … Read more

Vice Ganda Recalls Story That Caused “Away” Between Anne & Vhong

Vice Ganda

Here’s a story of Vice Ganda about one incident that caused a misunderstanding between Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro. VICE GANDA – Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda shares a story about Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro and their “away” before. Misunderstandings and petty fights in friendship are normal things. Ironically, they are somehow the reasons that … Read more

Anne Curtis Teaching Regine Velasquez To Sing “Dadalhin”

Anne Curtis and Regine Velasquez

Netizens have these reactions to Anne Curtis teaching Regine Velasquez to sing. ANNE CURTIS – A cute video of Anne Curtis and Regine Velasquez’s vocal lesson catches attention and here are the comments. Dubbed Asia’s Songbird is Regine Velasquez and she did gain this name because of her undeniable talent. She is known for her … Read more

Anne Curtis Reveals Moment She Begged Because Of Love

Anne Curtis

This is what Anne Curtis realized when she begged because of love. ANNE CURTIS – Without disclosing any details, Its Showtime host Anne Curtis shared that love has made her beg and here are her realizations. Love will make anyone do unimaginable things like begging. When we think of it, begging comes as something embarrassing … Read more