Anne Curtis Reveals Moment She Begged Because Of Love

This is what Anne Curtis realized when she begged because of love.

ANNE CURTIS – Without disclosing any details, Its Showtime host Anne Curtis shared that love has made her beg and here are her realizations.

Love will make anyone do unimaginable things like begging. When we think of it, begging comes as something embarrassing or something like no self-value at all. But in love in reality, begging comes off as part of the natural process.

It would make you feel low and its degrading but the takeaway to this is that you’ll learn something like. There’s always a space for things to be grateful for.

Even Anne Curtis, the country’s “Dyosa” and an A-list actress, have once begged and this is because of love. She begged to keep the person. And based on her experience, pride was out of it. She forgot about pride and never thought about it because she was in love with the person.

“Wala, wala, hindi mo iniisip yun, e. Durog yung pride. Hindi mo iniisip kasi mahal mo yung tao,” she explained without revealing the person.

Watch below:

In the same episode, Kim Chiu, another A-list actress, shared that she has experienced the same thing. She was grateful it happened because it made her better. It’s now over and added that she did not regret doing it. She doesn’t have any regrets because she did it for the person she loves during that time.

Vice Ganda shared that a lot of inspirational videos have said that no one should do it as this means that you are in a bad relationship but in real life, things like this are inevitable. The superstar believes that it happens for a reason and for a deeper purpose.


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