Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis “May Something”? What’s The Issue?

Is there something going on between Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis? Ogie Diaz talks about this.

VICE GANDA – Its Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Ann Curtis are absent in the past few episodes of the show, is there something going on?

“Imbyerna Sa Ibang Hosts” is the alleged reason why Vice Ganda took a long break from the Kapamilya noontime show Its Showtime. He was absent in the 12 episodes of the show and Ogie Diaz previously said in his video that there’s something internal going on and intriguingly expressed, “Maaayos din naman yan.”

Diaz did not mention anything but it seems like there is really something going on in the show.

In a previous article, he returned after 12 episodes. He explained regarding his absence, “Marami lang ho akong labadang tinapos. Nag-uulan pa, ang hirap matuyo ng mga sinampay. At ngayong tuyo na, nandidito tayo, nagbabalik, magkakasama na naman tayo!”

There are also rumors about Vice and Anne Curtis seemingly having some misunderstanding but in the latest video of Diaz, he dismissed this rumor. There was no “hidwaan” between them. Just recently, they both appeared in an event.

Watch below:

Anne and Vice have been friends for over a decade now and having conflict is a part of it. In the 10th year episode of the show, they opened up about this and revealed that one of their biggest fights was caused by a cup of watermelon shake.

Curtis accidentally knocked off the cup of shake causing it to pour on to the newly bought shoes of the comedian. She did not apologize and that was how things has gotten worse. The show’s former director, Bobet Vidanes, then came to intervene in their fight.

Fights and conflicts are normal parts of a relationship. These things can do just two things – make or break a relationship.


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