Sarah Lahbati Pens Sweet Birthday Message For Kai

Here’s the sweet message of Sarah Lahbati for her youngest.

Kai, youngest of Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez, just turned six years old and here’s the sweet message of the actress for him.

After many months of speculations and talk, actress Sarah Lahbati finally confirmed the separation. In an interview, Sarah admitted that she’s single. To recall, last November 2023, she removed the “Gutierrez” from her name on Instagram which ignited the rumors.

In December 2023, Annabelle Rama confirmed the Sarah-Richard split candidly which fueled the speculations. In March 2023, the confirmation finally came from the actress who chose to not elaborate the reason for their split.

Richard and Sarah got married in 2020. They have two kids – Zion and Kai. Recently, Kai turned six years old and in an Instagram post, the actress shared a series of their sweet snaps together with a sweet caption on it.

The caption said, “i’m so lucky to be your mom, kai. your smile is the most contagious blessing in the world. no words can express how much i love you and zion. six years… of joy. happy birthday, bubba. momma will forever and always be by your side.”

She described that the six years with him is pure joy and she expressed her love for him and his older brother Zion.

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In terms of taking care of Zion and Kai now that he and Richard are no longer together, Sarah makes sure to make time for them. She is now back in acting and considering the hectic and packed schedule of shooting, she make sure that on her free time, she still gets to do thing with them and for them.

On the other hand, in terms of raising them, she used to thing to be the cool mom for them but later on found out the middle ground in doing parenting. On top of being the cool mom, she also wanted to raise them with discipline and as “humble, smart loving boys”.

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