Sarah Lahbati On Taking Care Of Zion and Kai Now

Here’s how Sarah Lahbati takes care of her two sons as a busy mother.

Actress Sarah Lahbati shares her parenting styles and how she balances her busy schedule now that she’s back to acting.

Women who are mothers are women but with different priorities, interests and contributions to the world. Motherhood will make a total makeover in a woman’s life and motherhood seems to suit actress Sarah Lahbati well despite the separation from her husband Richard Gutierrez.

Sarah and Richard are both single now to which the actress confirmed in a previous article.

She is now back to acting which means her schedule is now busy. As someone who is now busy with two sons, how does she balance her duties? During an interview with ABS-CBN News’ Dyan Castillejo for “On Cue”, the actress opened up about this.

According to her, motherhood is a process and everyday is a learning experience.

It is a process and with the accumulated experiences through the years, one grows, learns, and becomes more confident to handle things. She shared that when she had her first son, she was just young. Being a mother at that age made her want to become a cool mom like someone who can become their best friend and someone they can have any conversations with.

However, in the process, she realized that parenting have to be balanced. She said, “When I had my first son, I said I would be the cool mom, ‘cuz I was very young. When they grew up, I wanted to know I could have conversations with them, to be their best friend but no eh. I have to make sure I discipline, raise humble, smart loving boys. It’s really a balancing act everyday.”

After the separation from her husband, things went difficult but only at the initial stage. In the long run, when she finally got the hang of the situations, things became smoother. When it comes to handling her kids, she’s rather have the simplicity of being organized. She also enjoys the little moments she gets with her kids like bringing them to school.

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