Sarah Lahbati Pens Sweet Birthday Message For Kai

Sarah Lahbati

Here’s the sweet message of Sarah Lahbati for her youngest. Kai, youngest of Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez, just turned six years old and here’s the sweet message of the actress for him. After many months of speculations and talk, actress Sarah Lahbati finally confirmed the separation. In an interview, Sarah admitted that she’s single. … Read more

Sarah Lahbati Children – This Is Her Parenting Style

Sarah Lahbati Children

SARAH LAHBATI CHILDREN – The actress has two sons named Zion and Kai and recently, she shared how she raises them. She is back to acting now which makes her a busy mother but despite this, here’s what she does to balance her duties and responsibilities.

Sarah Lahbati On Taking Care Of Zion and Kai Now

Sarah Lahbati

Here’s how Sarah Lahbati takes care of her two sons as a busy mother. Actress Sarah Lahbati shares her parenting styles and how she balances her busy schedule now that she’s back to acting. Women who are mothers are women but with different priorities, interests and contributions to the world. Motherhood will make a total makeover … Read more

Sarah Lahbati Confirms She’s Single Now

Sarah Lahbati

In a direct answer, Sarah Lahbati finally confirms the buzz. Actress Sarah Lahbati finally confirms her separation from Richard Gutierrez by answering that she is now single. Last November 2023, as subtle as removing ‘Gutierrez’ from her Instagram bio was noticed by many netizens. This move of actress Sarah Lahbati ignited rumors about her marriage … Read more

Sarah Lahbati Proudly Shares She’s Good At Saving

Sarah Lahbati

Here’s what Sarah Lahbati revealed amid the moniker people created for her. Actress Sarah Lahbati is the “Patron Saint ng Waldas” but in reality, she revealed that she is actually good in saving and in her finances. When Annabelle Rama confirmed that Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez were no longer together, she remarked something that … Read more

Sarah Lahbati Reveals Relationship With Richard Gutierrez Now

Sarah Lahbati

In an interview, Sarah Lahbati says she’s “holding up pretty well” after separation. This is what actress Sarah Lahbati revealed when asked about her relationship now with Richard Gutierrez after separation. One of the celebrity couple admire before by many was Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez. They have this ideal happy family with their two … Read more

Sarah Lahbati Flexes New Car, Netizens React

Sarah Lahbati

In a new post, Sarah Lahbati gets a new car and these are the various comments. Actress-model Sarah Lahbati flexes her new car delivered in style in a new post and her followers have these comments. The “gastadora” remark became a running joke between actress Sarah Lahbati and her followers online. This was after Annabelle … Read more

Sarah Lahbati Reaction To “Waldas” Comment Amid Controversies

Sarah Lahbati

Amid the rumors, Sarah Lahbati remains silent, but she reacted when a netizen commented on this. Actress-model Sarah Lahbati has this reaction to this “waldas pa more” comment of a netizen amid the issues and rumors. Amid Sarah and Richard’s rumored separation, famous personality Annabelle Rama made some strong statements. She knows something about this … Read more

Sarah Lahbati On Intriguing Statements Of Annabelle Rama

Sarah Lahbati

This is what Sarah Lahbati said when asked about the issues of her personal life. Actress Sarah Lahbati has this answer when asked about the split rumors with Richard Gutierrez and statements of Annabelle Rama. It takes two to make a marriage work but takes one to break it. In the marriage of Richard Gutierrez … Read more