Sarah Lahbati Confirms She’s Single Now

In a direct answer, Sarah Lahbati finally confirms the buzz.

Actress Sarah Lahbati finally confirms her separation from Richard Gutierrez by answering that she is now single.

Last November 2023, as subtle as removing ‘Gutierrez’ from her Instagram bio was noticed by many netizens. This move of actress Sarah Lahbati ignited rumors about her marriage with actor Richard Gutierrez.

In December 2023, Annabelle Rama confirmed the Sarah-Richard split candidly by saying that her son is staying with her.

To recall, Sarah and Richard shared more than a decade of romance. They have two sons – Zion and Kai. Their marriage was one of the most enduring and admired in show business. 

Recently, after months of speculations, the actress finally confirmed what has been making a loud buzz online. In an interview, she confirmed that she is now single and she is aware that this no longer something to be hidden from the public.

“There’s nothing to hide na. I think it’s pretty clear to the public. Both of us are, I think,” she said.

See the interview below:

Sarah and Richard’s love story started in 2012. In 2013, she became pregnant and kept this matter away from the public initially. In 2017, they got engaged and he proposed to her before the snow-capped mountains of Zermatt, Switzerland. 

In the same year, they announced their baby number 2 and she gave birth to Kai in 2018. In 2020, their civil wedding happened. The big wedding was not able to be pushed through because of the pandemic.

In 2023, fans noticed that something was wrong when they have only been showing photos of their individual bonding moments with their sons on their respective social media accounts.

In a previous article, Sarah shared the current relationship status with Richard. According to her, they are not on speaking terms, however, they are leaning to being good parents for their son and this is what matters most.

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