Esther Lahbati Asked To React To Annabelle Rama’s Intriguing Posts

esther lahbati sarah lahbati annabelle rama

Esther Lahbati received this comment from a netizen Esther Lahbati, the mother of actress Sarah Lahbati, was asked about the intriguing social media posts of Annabelle Rama, the mother of actor Richard Gutierrez. Richard and Sarah’s breakup became controversial. Allegations surfaced that there was a third party. The actor was linked to a model, then, … Read more

Barbie Imperial’s Comment on Richard Gutierrez-Sarah Lahbati’s Wedding Photo Resurfaces

Barbie Imperial, Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez

Comment of Barbie Imperial on Sarah Lahbati’s Post Hooks Attention BARBIE IMPERIAL – Eagle-eyed netizens searched back the comment of the actress on the wedding photo of Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati. One of the celebrity breakups that saddened countless people was the separation of Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati. The celebrity former couple have … Read more

Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara Throwing Shade In This Video?

Sarah Lahbati

Are actresses Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara throwing shade? Throwing shade? People online have these comments on the video of actresses Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara. Netizens expressed that if there’s one common denominator between actresses Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara, it would have to be the rumored issues they have with the mother of their … Read more

Annabelle Rama-Sarah Lahbati Issue — Is Talent Manager Referring to her Daughter-in-Law in Post?

Annabelle Rama, Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez

ANNABELLE RAMA-SARAH LAHBATI ISSUE – Is the talent manager mom of Richard Gutierrez referring to her daughter-in-law, Sarah Lahbati, in her post? Annabelle Rama’s recent social media post went viral. Several netizens think that she is referring to her daughter-in-law, Sarah Lahbati, amid the issues surrounding Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial.

Annabelle Rama Cryptic Post — Is She Referring to Sarah Lahbati, Barbie Imperial?

Annabelle Rama, Sarah Lahbati, Barbie Imperial

Annabelle Rama Posted A Cryptic Message ANNABELLE RAMA – The talent manager took to social media a cryptic post and several netizens speculate she’s referring to Sarah Lahbati and Barbie Imperial. Currently, actor Richard Gutierrez is linked to Barbie Imperial after the two (2) celebrities were spotted together. The first sighting was in a gastropub … Read more

Barbie Imperial Comment On Richard-Sarah Wedding Photo Recalled

barbie imperial richard gutierrez sarah lahbati

Barbie Imperial had this comment on Sarah Lahbati’s post Actress Barbie Imperial commented on the wedding photo of estranged couple Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati and this resurfaced on social media just recently. Richard and Sarah’s break up was confirmed early this year but since late last year, breakup rumors had been circulating. Issues surrounding … Read more

Annabelle Rama Intriguing Post “Boto Kay Barbie Doll”?

Annabelle Rama

What is Annabelle Rama trying to say in this post? On social media, the post of Annabelle Rama amid the Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial issue became viral. Social media has become an important source of news, information, and others. In terms of stories about celebrities, their personal social media accounts has become the source … Read more

Annabelle Rama Reacts To Fake Statement About Barbie Imperial

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Annabelle Rama allegedly had this statement about Barbie Imperial Veteran showbiz personality Annabelle Rama reacted to the fake statement about actress Barbie Imperial. Barbie is now being linked to Annabelle’s son actor Richard Gutierrez as they have been spotted together just recently in South Korea. Prior to this, it was rumored that they were together … Read more