Motorcycle Rider Using Cellphone While Driving Earns Reactions Online

Video of Motorcycle Rider Using Mobile Phone While Driving Earns Criticisms from Netizens

A motorcycle rider watching video on his mobile phone while driving along the road earns reactions online.

In recent years, the Philippines has seen a surge in the number of motorcycles on the road. While this has provided commuters with a more convenient and affordable mode of transportation, it has also brought about new concerns over road safety.

One of the major concerns is motorcycle riders using mobile phones while driving. Motorcycle riders who use their phones while driving are not only breaking the law, but they are also putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Motorcycle Rider

Distracted driving is a leading cause of road accidents, and using a mobile phone while driving greatly increases the risk of a crash. Texting or using a mobile phone while driving reduces a driver’s reaction time by up to 35%.

The “VISOR” Facebook page shared a clip of a motorcycle rider watching a video on his phone while driving. The video footage elicited a wide range of emotions from the online community.

The footage shows a motorcycle rider watching a video on his cellphone, which is mounted on a phone holder on his bike. The uploader can be heard saying “Drive siya tapos noon siya. Good luck”

Here is the full post:

We have a feeling that many motorcycle riders are doing this (watching videos on their smartphone) in traffic. That’s why many of them in​ex​pli​ca​bly get into weird accidents even if the other vehicles can be avoided. What do you think?

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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