Motorcycle Rider Strikes Opponent w/ Helmet During Road Rage

Motorcycle Rider

Helmet-Wielding Motorcycle Rider Involved in Road Rage Incident A recent road rage incident caught on camera shows a motorcycle rider striking his opponent with a helmet during a heated altercation on the road. Road rage refers to aggressive or violent behavior exhibited by drivers in response to perceived provocation or frustration while on the road. … Read more

Traffic Altercation Between SUV Driver & Motorcycle Rider Elicits Comments Online

Traffic Altercation

SUV Driver and Motorcycle Rider Elicited Reactions After Engaging in Traffic Altercation A traffic altercation between an SUV driver and a motorcycle rider elicited comments from the online community. A traffic altercation refers to a dispute or confrontation between drivers or road users, often arising from disagreements over right of way, lane merging, parking, or … Read more

Husband Left His Wife Stranded After Apprehended by MMDA Due to Violation


A husband reportedly left his wife stranded after they were apprehended by MMDA enforcers due to a traffic violation. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority apprehended the motorcycle rider during a clearing operation against illegally parked vehicles and other road obstructions near the Batasan Pambansa in Quezon City.

MMDA Apprehends Rider for Driving Without License, Leaves Wife Stranded


Motorcycle Rider Left His Wife Stranded After Apprehended by MMDA for Driving Without License A motorcycle rider left his wife stranded after MMDA apprehended him for driving without a license in Quezon City. Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is a government agency tasked with the responsibility of coordinating, planning, and regulating various aspects of the … Read more

Kind Passenger Earns Praise Online For Showing Generosity Towards Motorcycle Rider

Kind Passenger

Kind Passenger Shows Generosity Towards Motorcycle Rider Who Works Hard to Hit Target Income A kind passenger earns praise from the online community for showing generosity towards a motorcycle rider. A Twitter user named Ricardo Narciso shared his encounter with a motorcycle rider, which reminded everyone of the innate goodness that exists in humanity. The … Read more

Motorcycle Rider Engages in Heated Argument w/ Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension

Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Rider Elicits Criticisms Online for Engaging in Heated Argument w/ Traffic Enforcers After Committing Traffic Violation A motorcycle rider engaged in a heated exchange of arguments with traffic enforcers during his apprehension along the EDSA busway. In the Philippines, heavy traffic congestion has become one of the major problems for motorists and commuters. Traffic … Read more