Video Exposing How Fast-Food Chains Wash Dishes Elicits Reactions Online

Fast-Food Chains

Concerned Netizen Shares Video Exposing How Fast-Food Chains Wash Dishes The video footage exposing how dishes and kitchen utensils get cleaned at fast-food restaurants has earned various reactions online. Fast-food chains have to manage a high volume of dishes quickly and efficiently. The dishwashing process in these establishments is designed to ensure cleanliness while keeping … Read more

TikToker Regrets Using Anime Filter After “Mysterious Girl” Occurred in Empty Hallway


TikToker Feels Instant Regret Using Anime Filter After “Mysterious Girl” Captured in Video A TikToker regrets using an anime filter for a TikTok video after a ‘mysterious girl’ has been captured in an empty hallway. A TikTok user named Philip James Bauyon has shared the video footage of his video using an anime filter. The … Read more

Mystica Video Kissing Pambansang Kolokoy Elicits Reactions

Mystica Shares Video of Her Kissing Pambansang Kolokoy Goes Viral Social media personality Mystica goes viral after she recently shared a video of her kissing the Pambansang Kolokoy. On her YouTube account, the singer-actress “Mystica” shared that they were together in a bar with the controversial content creator “Pambansang Kolokoy” or Joel Mondina. She asked … Read more

Traffic Enforcers Issue Ticket to Violator & Charged Him w/ “Taking Video”

Traffic Enforcers

Traffic Enforcers Issue Ticket to Violator and Wrote “Taking Video” Several traffic enforcers have issued a citation ticket to a violator and charged him with additional violation “Taking video”. The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau is a credible and unprejudiced Traffic Enforcement Unit which ensures public safety and enhances the community. The group is responsible for supervising … Read more

Lady Resident Stabs Drinking Buddy Over ‘Broken’ Microphone Feud

Lady Resident

Drunk Lady Resident Stabs Drinking Buddy Due to ‘Broken’ Video Microphone A lady resident stabbed her drinking buddy over a ‘broken’ video microphone feud in Barangay Tigbe, Norzagaray, Bulacan. The 23-year-old lady suspect identified as alias ‘Mary Jane’ stabbed her drinking buddy during a videoke session due to the broken microphone in Norzagaray, Bulacan last … Read more