Motorcycle Rider Criticized for Playing ‘Scatter’ While Driving

Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Rider Receives Criticisms for Using Mobile Phone While Driving KAMOTE RIDER – A motorcycle rider has faced criticism online for playing the popular game ‘Scatter’ while driving. Distracted driving is when a person engages in any activity that diverts their attention away from the primary task of driving. This can include tasks such as … Read more

AJ Raval Shares Funny Video of Aljur Abrenica While Driving

AJ Raval Posts Funny Driving Video of Boyfriend Aljur Abrenica Vivamax actress AJ Raval shared a funny video of her boyfriend Aljur Abrenica while driving on her Instagram. On Instagram, AJ Raval used her IG stories to share a cute video of Aljur Abrenica driving.  The actor was dressed simply in a dark gray shirt … Read more

1 A.M – 2 A.M Considered Deadliest Hour as Road Accidents Mostly Occur

1 A.M – 2 A.M Considered as Deadliest Hour for Road Accidents Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) considered 1 a.m to 2 a.m. as the deadliest hour where most fatal road accidents in Metro Manila usually happen. According to the report of GMA News, road accidents are said to be more dangerous every morning dawn; … Read more