Rhys Miguel and Patrick Quiroz Issue: Other Talents Support Rhys

Other talents of ABS-CBN react to Rhys Miguel and Patrick Quiroz issue.

RHYS MIGUEL AND PATRICK QUIROZ – These ABS-CBN talents attest to the questionable behavior of Patrick Quiroz.

Young actor Rhys Miguel previously claimed that Patrick Quiroz, a former co-star of his in the web series “He’s Into Her” took advantage of him while they were on set. It was during a locked-in taping when the incident happened.

Rhys Miguel and Patrick Quizor

He woke up one morning and found him playing with his member. He was shocked and, at the same time, furious. This kind of assault in males is rarely heard but it happens. Only that most of the male victims refuse to tell their stories for fear of being judged and mocked by society.

Males are viewed as strong species and to be involved in vulnerable situations like this seems like make them vulnerable as well. But not Rhys. Just recently, he shared his story and many encouraged him to do something about it like file criminal charges against the assailant.

And amid the issues, several stars express support for Rhys and attested to Patrick’s misbehavior.

One actor shared his personal experience with the advances of Quizor. He was a victim but failed because he did everything to protect himself even if it means working without decent sleep.

Rhys Miguel and Patrick Quiroz

Sophie Reyes, on the other hand, praised his bravery in opening up this story for the public’s awareness.

Rhys Miguel and Patrick Quiroz

Someone online claimed that he has worked with him on this project and was a witness to his crass and foul attitude. He was even worried about his love team at that time because of the red flags he saw in him.

Rhys Miguel and Patrick Quiroz


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