Ang hotdog ko! Rhys Miguel Reveals Patrick Quiroz Harassed Him

Rhys Miguel Complains Being Harassed by Patrick Quiroz During Taping

Young actor Rhys Miguel revealed that his co-actor Patrick Quiroz allegedly harassed him during their taping for “He’s Into Her”.

Following Rhys Miguel’s sharing of a video in which he exposed Patrick Quiroz’s obscene behavior toward him, the two actors are currently the topic of conversation on social media. What Patrick allegedly did while they were taping was revealed by Rhys in the viral video from his Instagram.

Rhys Miguel Patrick Quiroz

They appeared together in the Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano television show “He’s Into Her.” He claimed that he first became aware of Patrick’s harassment of several of their female coworkers in the series.

He initially said that he had no issues or reservations about the aforementioned actor. While she was enjoying a lollipop, the actor said to a female co-star, “Wow, buti naman kasya ang malaki sa bibig mo.”

Rhys allegedly wanted to punch Patrick but restrained himself and did nothing, despite the fact that he was allegedly not present when the assault occurred.

The surprising revelation here is that even Rhys is believed to have perished Patrick, a tale that Rhys only learned about after the female co-artists told it to him. Rhys then showed his other observed crude actions of Patrick, whether male or female.

” I woke up in the morning. Noong nagising ako, as in ito, raw na raw ito… malambot yung hotdog ko. Jinaj**ol niya yung lambot ng hotdog ko… kinikiss-kiss (o kinikiskis) niya ako… nagising ako… noong nagising ako, hinahabol-habol ko siya…” Rhys revealed.

If this is true, several online users urged Rhys to accuse Patrick of committing a crime by filing a complaint. The management of ABS-CBN and Patrick Quiroz’s team have not yet provided a response or remark on this matter.

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