Security Guard Robbed Gas Station After Not Paid for 3 Months

Desperate Security Guard Arrested After He Robbed Gas Station in Cebu

Authorities arrested a security guard who robbed a gas station in Cebu for allegedly not receiving his salary for 3 months.

According to Aloguinsan Police Station report, the suspect was apprehended by the police not long after he reportedly robbed a gas station in Barangay Bonbon in Aloguinsan, Cebu. Security guard Reynato Sarquilla was named as the suspect.

Security Robbed Gas Station

Raymond Padinas Pinote, the pump boy, claimed that a motorcycle-riding man approached the station and abruptly announced a hold-up. The pump boys fled, but the robber managed to escape with P10,000.

The suspect was a frequent visitor to the mentioned station, according to the CCTV. The Aloguinsan Police Station personnel reacted right away. The security guard was apprehended at his place of employment at the Pinamungajan District Hospital after the police swiftly launched a hot pursuit operation.

According to the story, the arrest happened just as he was getting ready to put on his uniform. The suspect’s motorcycle, which was visible on security footage, was parked at the hospital.

The authorities recovered P4,250 in cash, .45 caliber weapon, and two bullets from the security guard. Meanwhile, from the petrol station, a bullet casing and a misshapen slug were found.

Police Lieutenant Roberto Barnido, the head of the Aloguinsan Police Station, claimed that the man robbed the gas station because he was in a dire situation. Sarquilla, who has 6 children, said that his wage has not been paid since July.

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