Security Guard Robbed Gas Station After Not Paid for 3 Months

Desperate Security Guard Arrested After He Robbed Gas Station in Cebu Authorities arrested a security guard who robbed a gas station in Cebu for allegedly not receiving his salary for 3 months. According to Aloguinsan Police Station report, the suspect was apprehended by the police not long after he reportedly robbed a gas station in … Read more

Car Driver Airs Dismay After Nearly Falling Into Gasoline Boy’s Modus

Car Driver

Car Driver Expressed Disappointment After Nearly Victimized by Gasoline Boy GASOLINE BOY – A car driver has expressed his disappointment after he nearly falls into the modus of a gasoline boy. Nowadays, different modus operandi has been spreading in different countries all around the world including the Philippines. Some individuals are engaging in illegal activities … Read more

Vehicle Driver Leaves Gasoline Station Without Paying After Getting Full Tank

Vehicle Driver

Video of Vehicle Driver Who Leaves Gasoline Station Without Paying Elicits Reactions Online GASOLINE STATION – A heartless vehicle driver leaves the gasoline station after getting a full tank without paying for his bill. Over the past few years, there are several incidents of customers who were running away without paying their bills. This act … Read more

2 Holdup Suspects Arrested After Culprit Accidentally Shoots Himself

Holdup Suspects

Cops Arrest 2 Holdup Suspects After Culprit Accidentally Shoots Himself SANTA BARABARA, ILOILO – Two holdup suspects have been arrested after one of them accidentally shoots himself. Nowadays, robbery has been one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in various regions all around the world. Some criminals have no choice but to … Read more

3 Suspects Run Away Without Paying for 100 Liters of Gasoline


3 Suspects Load 100 Liters of Gasoline But Escaped Without Paying It Three suspects using a tricycle run away from the gasoline station without paying for the 100 liters of gasoline. Over the past few months, the prices of gasoline continue to increase, which becomes a burden to the Filipino people. The conflict between Russia … Read more

Heartless Suspects Took Poor Rider’s Motorcycle at Gasoline Station

Heartless Suspects

Video of Heartless Suspects Stealing Poor Rider’s Motorcycle Elicits Comments Online The video footage of heartless suspects stealing the motorcycle of a poor rider inside a gasoline station elicits comments online. Nowadays, carnapping incident becomes one of the most common crimes not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. … Read more