Village Guard Belittled by Classmate: “Nanliit ako, guardiya lang daw ako”

Village Guard Belittled

Village Guard Becomes Emotional After Belittled by Successful Classmate A village security guard goes viral after he shared that he was belittled by his former classmate who is now successful in life. Red Parunquin, a user on TikTok, shared a story about his experience while manning the village’s guard house. Red, a security guard for … Read more

Horrifying Moment Between Security Guard & Ghost Patient Goes Viral

Horrifying Moment

Video of Horrifying Moment Between Security Guard & Ghost Patient Elicits Reactions Online The horrifying moment between a security guard and alleged “Ghost Patient” has been caught on camera and elicits comments online. Nowadays, many people do not believe in paranormal events and supernatural creatures due to the modern technology and current generation. A lot of our … Read more

To Be Discharged Patient Jailed After Found Illegal Drugs in Cebu

Patient Illegal Drugs

Patient from the Hospital Arrested After Illegal Drugs Found in His Pocket in Cebu Authorities delivered a patient that supposed to be discharged from a hospital in Cebu to jail after illegal drugs were found in his pocket. A 26-year-old guy who was set to be released from the hospital ended himself in jail, according … Read more

Security Guard Jailed for Wearing PNP Uniform, Unlicensed Gun

Security Guard Wearing PNP Uniform Arrested after Evading Checkpoint Real police officers arrested a security guard for allegedly unauthorized wearing the uniform of the Philippine National Police (PNP). After being discovered in possession of an unauthorized firearm while donning a tactical block PNP outfit, a security guard was sentenced to prison. According to the report, … Read more

Security Guard Bursts Into Tears After Receiving Unexpected Surprise From Partner

Security Guard

Video of Security Guard Getting Emotional After Receiving Unexpected Surprise From Partner A security guard gets emotional and bursts into tears after receiving an unexpected surprise from his partner on his birthday. The Facebook page “Lihog Calinog” has shared video footage of a security guard who gets emotional and cried after receiving a surprise from … Read more

Ombudsman’s Office to File Case vs Security Guard w/ P280-M Bank Savings

Security Guard

Security Guard to Face Charges From Ombudsman’s Office Due to His P280-M Bank Savings The Office of the Ombudsman has been preparing to file a case against a security guard who has P280 million bank savings. Security guards are employees hired by various business establishments or agencies to secure properties, wealth and individuals. They are usually … Read more

Security Guard Shoots Co-Workers For Having No “Ulam”

Security Guard

Security Guard Caught on Camera Shooting Co-Workers For Having No “Ulam” MAKATI CITY – A furious security guard shoots his fellow workers for having no ‘ulam’ prepared on the table. In the video, it can be seen that a security guard opened the tray placed on the table. The latter gets upset after he found … Read more

Security Guard Runs Amok, Shots 2 Men After Ran Out of Food

Security Guard Shots 2 Men After Runs Amok Due to Food Shortage Two (2) men were killed after a security guard runs amok and began shooting when he allegedly ran out of food in Makati City. The suspect, a security guard at South Forbes Park Village in Makati City, is being wanted by the police. … Read more

Security Guard Robbed Gas Station After Not Paid for 3 Months

Desperate Security Guard Arrested After He Robbed Gas Station in Cebu Authorities arrested a security guard who robbed a gas station in Cebu for allegedly not receiving his salary for 3 months. According to Aloguinsan Police Station report, the suspect was apprehended by the police not long after he reportedly robbed a gas station in … Read more