Vicki Belo Hates Birthday Greetings, Sad Reason Behind This Revealed

Birthday greetings are not a fun thing for Vicki Belo

Celebrity beauty doctor Vicki Belo revealed the reason why she does not want to receive birthday greetings and this is the painful story behind this.

Vicki has unfolded details of her personal life during past interviews. She shared the motivation behind her goal to have a beauty empire. The dermatologist also shared the struggles she went through when it comes to her physical appearance and the controversy she had to overcome when it comes to her love life.

vicki belo
📷: Ogie Diaz YT channel

In a recent interview on the YouTube channel of comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz, one notable thing that Vicki Belo shared, aside from her life being an adopted child, was the fact that she hates birthday greetings and her birthday is not something she celebrates.

The sad story behind this originated from the fact that her mother decided to give her to her aunt right after she was born. “Parang pinanganak ka pa lang, pinamigay ka na,” she said.

Because of the issues that she has when it comes to adoption, and the perception that she is not lovable and not good enough, she does not like to be greeted. “ Di ba ‘happy birthday’, sino naman ang happy sa birthday ko?” the celebrity doctor said with teary eyes. It is because he biological parents gave her away on her birthday.

She added that the best gift that people could give to her on her birthday is to refrain from greeting her. Vicki said that she would pretend to be happy for a short period of time when people greet her but still after that, she feels the pain.

Although there was already closure between her and her biological parents, the beauty experts admitted that she still feels sad on her birthday. With this sadness that she feels during her birthday, she would just leave and turn off her phone to avoid being greeted.

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