Paolo Contis Apology Post On Instagram, RR Enriquez Doubts Sincerity

RR Enriquez doubts the sincerity of Paolo Contis and said that if she’s the girl, she wouldn’t do what Yen Santos did.

PAOLO CONTIS – Self-confessed “sawsawera” RR Enriquez reacts to the apology of Paolo Contis and his confession that the woman is Yen Santos.

Living in the North and someone who traveled for hours just to be with her friend Paolo Contis is actress Yen Santos. It seems like they have developed a deep kind of friendship that she would immediately accept his invitation as he wants someone to talk to after his split with LJ Reyes. For her to go that far and exert such effort for a friend says a lot about where Paolo stands in her life.

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People online are actually not buying what Paolo has said about Yen being with him, just the two of them in various places, as a friend. Amid all the issues, Yen is currently feeling down as per the source based on a previous article. A close friend of hers believes that she can’t do it and certainly would never as it will taint her reputation.

Paolo apologized to his kids and LJ. He also clarified that Yen is not the third party and took responsibility for what has happened. He is even willing to catch all the bashing and the negative comments just as long as it’s solely him and people will not drag anyone anymore into the issue.

Meanwhile, among his doubters is RR Enriquez, a former dancer and a self-confessed “sawsawera”. Enriquez said in her post that she commends Paolo admitting his fault publicly and being open to the consequences of the actions he has done. However, for RR, he seemingly failed in his explanation about hanging out with Yen.

She stressed that if she is the woman, she will never go that far for a friend and even display such comfort to a male friend. She believes that a female can’t just interlock her arms to someone, who is especially male if he’s not someone she likes or her boyfriend.

RR wrote, “Ako lang yan ha. Ewan ko sa ibang girls.. Basta kapag sumama ako ibig sabihin parang alak lang yan. Kapag may alak may balak…”


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