Paolo Contis-LJ Reyes Breakup

Paolo Contis-LJ Reyes Breakup Confirmed by Actress

PAOLO CONTIS-LJ REYES BREAKUP – The public was surprised when the actress confirmed her separation from her six-year partner, Paolo Contis.

Recently, the social media platforms were taken by storm by speculations and rumors that Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes have separated. The two (2) Kapuso celebrities have a daughter nicknamed Summer. The actress has a son, Aki, with Paulo Avelino.

Although they are not biologically related, Aki is close to Paolo. Many people are inspired by the happy family of the celebrity couple and their two (2) kids. That is why many were moved when rumors about their split crossed the surface.

Paolo Contis, LJ Reyes Family

Shortly after rumors spread, the Paolo ContisLJ Reyes breakup was confirmed by no other than the Kapuso actress. In an interview with Boy Abunda, she revealed that they are no longer together and the two (2) kids are with her in New York.

According to LJ, referring to herself and her children, she cannot rebuild her family while in the Philippines. She felt the need to take themselves out of the situation. The actress also cut all communication lines with Paolo.

The main cause of the Paolo ContisLJ Reyes breakup was not pointed out by the actress but viewers have a strong belief that it is due to third party and money. The actress seemingly hinted at it with her silence when asked by Boy.

Paolo Contis-LJ Reyes Breakup

Yen Santos‘ name was dragged in the issue as the third party in the split of Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes who have been together for six (6) years. The Kapamilya actress worked with Paolo in the recently-released digital movie “A Faraway Land” that was shot in Faroe Islands, Denmark.

Both Paolo Contis and Yen Santos remained mum on the accusations. As for LJ, she is holding on to her faith amid what they are going through right now. According to her, it was at the end of 2020 when the actor started to be distant and always out – although he is really a “home buddy”.

She revealed that there was an instance when she swallowed her pride and asked Paolo if he wants to take them back after a breakup. However, according to her, he said that he does not want to anymore.

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