Personal Background of Yen Santos & Her Showbiz Career

YEN SANTOS – Here are some details on Kapamilya actress Yen Santos’ personal background, showbiz career, and controversies.

Yen Santos

Yen Santos’ Personal Background

Born on November 20, 1992, Yen Santos’ real name is Lilieyen Santos. She is from Cabanatuan City and the daughter of Fernando Santos and Lilian Santos. During her school years, she was a known student but peer pressure had greatly affected her studies. She joined them in drinking but eventually, their friendship ended. Those people took back at her through vandalism at their school about her but she managed to get over it.

Yen Santos’ Showbiz Career

Yen entered showbiz through the ABS-CBN reality program Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010. Although she got evicted on the Day 43, it was not the end of showbiz opportunities for her. In fact, it was just a beginning as many offers came the actress’ way until she eventually got into the “main cast” status.

In 2018, Yen was one of the main casts of the Kapamilya romance-drama TV series Halik. She starred in the program with Jericho Rosales, Yam Concepcion, and Sam Milby.

Yen Santos Accused 3rd Party in Paolo Contis-LJ Reyes Breakup

The actress was actually not a usual center of intrigues except currently as she is accused of being the third party in the Paolo Contis-LJ Reyes breakup. She and Paolo worked together in the digital film “A Faraway Land” that was shot in Faroe Islands, Denmark. None of them has spoken but LJ confirmed that she and Paolo are no longer together. The viewers of her interview also saw hints that 3rd party and money issues have something to do with their split.


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