Herlene Budol Viral Interview Video Elicits Reaction From RR Enriquez

RR Enriquez shared her reaction to the viral video of Herlene Budol Kapuso actress Herlene Budol went viral just recently because of how she answered the question during the Miss Grand Philippines 2023 media conference and this received a reaction from self-proclaimed “sawsawera queen” RR Enriquez. Herlene’s pageant journey is not yet over. She is … Read more

RR Enriquez Reveals Fan Wants to Buy Her Underwear for P50k

RR Enriquez Complains Fan Interested to Buy Her Underwear for P50k per Pair The social media “Sawsawera Queen” RR Enriquez complained about the fan who allegedly wanted to buy her underwear for P50k per pair. The former Wowowee dancer posted a strange message from a follower on Facebook. According to her post, an ardent admirer … Read more

RR Enriquez on Being Childless for 14 Years: “I couldn’t stand their noise”

RR Enriquez Answers Question Why She is Still Childless Despite 14 Years in a Relationship So-called “Sawsawera Queen” RR Enriquez clarified questions about why she is still childless despite having a 14-year relationship. The internet personality emphasized the statement “different people, different strokes” on Instagram. This is what RR wishes to demonstrate, particularly to a … Read more

RR Enriquez Real Talk to Zeinab Harake Amid Issue vs Wilbert

RR Enriquez Reacts to Controversial Zeinab Harake Amid Issue vs Wilbert Tolentino The so-called ‘Sawsawera Queen” RR Enriquez gives a real talk to vlogger Zeinab Harake amid her issue with Wilber Tolentino. The “Sawsawera Queen,” RR Enriquez, was unafraid to weigh in on the contentious feud between Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake in the news … Read more

RR Enriquez Defends Kathryn Bernardo: “Walang masama sa sakang”

RR Enriquez Kathryn Bernardo

RR Enriquez Defends Kathryn Bernardo From Bashers Calling Her “Sakang” “Sawsawera Queen” RR Enriquez defended Kathryn Bernardo from bashers who are calling her “sakang” on social media. After learning that Kathryn’s legs had once again been attacked by her haters, RR defended the actress on social media in her most recent YouTube vlog. After Min … Read more

RR Enriquez Agrees with Grandfather of Deniece Cornejo’s Opinion

RR Enriquez Deniece Grandfather

RR Enriquez Agreed with the Opinion of Deniece Cornejo’s Grandfather about the Case RR ENRIQUEZ – The ‘Sawsawera Queen’ expresses her favor for the opinion of Deniece Cornejo’s grandfather about the case against Vhong Navarro. RR has returned with a brand-new video in which she responds to Atty’s well-known statement. Deniece Cornejo’s grandfather, Axel Gonzalez. … Read more

Lolit Solis ‘Pang-ookray’ to Bea Alonzo, RR Enriquez says ‘May sakit na pero’

lolit solis bea alonzo rr enriquez

RR Enriquez shared her thoughts on how Lolit Solis would talk about Bea Alonzo Veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis would always have her “pang-ookray” to A-list actress Bea Alonzo and this received a reaction from vlogger RR Enriquez. RR started her “sawsawera” vlog just recently following the feedback that she received in her Instagram posts … Read more