Former QC Mayor Herbert Bautista Slams Statement Misinterpretation of Bashers

Herbert Bautista Slams Bashers, Online Trolls for Misinterpreting His Facebook Post

Former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista slammed bashers and online trolls for giving wrong interpretation to his social media post.

The former Quezon City Mayor recently posted a statement on his Facebook page that reminding caution to coronavirus disease (COVD-19). However, it was misinterpreted by trolls and bashers

Herbert Bautista

Part of Bistek’s post, “Common sense is not a symptom of COVID-19, it is the reason you got the disease.”

The ignorance of the bashers pops while reading the context of Herbert’s statement. A netizen responded, saying that the frontliners were being targeted in his post.

As a result, Hebert immediately clarified his statement. “Frontliner din ako. Alam ko ang hirap ng mga frontliners natin at saludo ako sa kanilang mga sakripisyo,” he said.

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The netizen may have forgotten that Herbert is also a frontliner because he is a reserved general of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Based on the report of Push, during his term, he built a hospital and organized the dilapidated ones.

Herbert Bautista
Image Source: Instagram/@herbertbautista

He also quietly helps the victims of the pandemic in Quezon City without publicity on social media. So it is unfair for Herbert to say that he belittles the frontliners.

He further said that he doesn’t pay trolls to harm other people. Herbert does not like stress in his life, so he ignores and did not pay attention to them.

In addition to giving aid quietly, he now spends his free time on painting and watching Koreanovelas such as The World of a Married Couple, Vagabond, and Misty.

Internet trolls use fake social media accounts to express comment negatively, or to start a debate or fight, about a personality or company, depending on its target. There is evidence that trolls are paid to do these things.

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