Ex-Quezon Mayor Herbert Bautista Faces 3rd Case Over Alleged Corruption

Another Case Over Corruption Allegations Filed Against Ex-Quezon Mayor Herbert Bautista

Ex-Quezon Mayor Herbert Bautista is now faced with the 3rd case against him over corruption allegations.

One of the personalities in the Philippine showbiz industry who shifted career in the mid of the run is former actor Herbert Bautista. He is also popularly known as “Bistek”.

Herbert has worked on several hit projects during his stint in showbiz. However, he did not stay long enough in the limelight. He joined the political arena.

He won as the Vice Mayor of Quezon City and another victory came his way for the same position in 2007. In May 2010, the actor-politician ran for mayor of Quezon and took the seat in a landslide victory.

Ex-Quezon Mayor Herbert Bautista
Photo: Philstar

Herbert Bautista was the mayor of Quezon City until June 2019. However, following the end of his term, several corruption allegations against the actor-politician crossed the surface.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, ex-Quezon Mayor Herbert Bautista is now facing the 3rd case against him over alleged corruption. The issue involved the solar panel that was built under his term as the city mayor.

According to the report, the solar panels are worth P300-million but, allegedly, the panels still lack several parts so it is not working. Also, the panels allegedly have no technical support which is needed for it to work.

Moreover, there is an allegation that the said solar project launched under the term of former Mayor Herbert Bautista was not approved by the Congress. Aside from the recent case, another case was previously filed against the actor-politician over the alleged anomalous information technology project.

CCTV cameras were allegedly distributed during the term of Bautista. However, these cameras are allegedly not working as to one of the barangays that received it. Based on the report, some barangay chiefs claim that they did not receive CCTV cameras.

Pia Morato, the spokesperson of Mayor Joy Belmonte, stressed that cases were filed against the former mayor in line with principle that “the city mayor must always look in the best interest of the people”.

Reportedly, the actor-politician refused to give a statement on the issue. More updates may be posted soon.

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