Kiko Pangilinan Replies To #OustKiko: “Mga bayarang Trolls”

Kiko Pangilinan Replies To Trolls Tweeting #OustKiko

KIKO PANGILINAN REPLIES – Recently, a massive flood of #oustkiko tags have been circulating in social media.

However, most of them were generated by troll farms. But, how would you know that it is? One simple way you could know if an account on Twitter is a bot is to simply look at the account.

Most of the accounts that share #Oustkiko were either made just this month or have little to no followers.

Kiko Pangilinan Replies To #OustKiko: "Mga bayarang Trolls"
Image from: ABS-CBN

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According to a post by News5, Kiko Pangilinan responded with:

Handa naman akong magbitiw bilang chair kung ito ang pasya ng liderato ng Senado pero hindi dahil sa online ‘clamor’ ng mga bayarang trolls.

Dagdag pa dito sa totoo lang ‘yung mga nagmumungkahi na CHACHA ang solusyon sa COVID ay mukhang galing sa ibang planeta o kaya ‘out of this world’

Meanwhile, Twitter user lalomigirl highlighted that most of the troll posts with#oustkiko generated from the Facebook page “Correct Movement“.

Then, the user said that the Facebook page has a YouTube channel that spreads disinformation hosted by Mocha Uson.

Kiko Pangilinan Replies To #OustKiko: "Mga bayarang Trolls"

Along with this, she noted that most of the content posted in the videos talk about the 1987 constitution, removal of term limits, and federalism.

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