Ebola Outbreak In Congo As World Faces Coronavirus Pandemic

Congo Hit By Second Ebola Virus Outbreak Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

EBOLA OUTBREAK IN CONGO – As the world faced the catastrophic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Congo was hit by a second wave of the ebola virus.

In 2018, the Ebola virus caused at least 2,243 fatalities since it started in August of 2018. Following that, the viral outbreak died down and saw fewer cases each year.

However, Congo had confirmed six cases with four deaths near Mbandaka. Thus, fears of a second wave of the virus in tandem with COVID-19 could potentially be lethal to millions of children and their families.

Ebola Outbreak In Congo As World Faces Coronavirus Pandemic

According to an article from Sky News, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the Ebola outbreak was a reminder that COVID-19 isn’t the only health threat.

Meanwhile, the Congolese health minister Eteni Longondo reported that the victims died on May 18. However, the lab tests confirming the presence of Ebola came back over the weekend.

As per the report, this was now the 11th time the virus had hit Congo since its discovery in 1976. Last year, the outbreak caused 33 deaths before the virus was brought under control in a span of a few months.

Additionally, the cases appeared in Wangata health zone close to the port city of Mbandaka, home to over a million people. Furthermore, health officials are still waiting to declare the official end of the Ebolo epidemic after two years.

The last documented case was on mid-May. But, Congo must survive another month without any fresh Ebola cases for the declaration to be made.

Aside from Ebola, the country also faced problems with the new coronavirus with over 3,000 confirmed cases and 72 fatalities. But, much like other African countries, testing is limited and fears of a higher death toll brew.

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