Uganda Confirm 4 Ebola Deaths


Cases of Ebola Virus in Uganda UGANDA- The country in East Africa confirms 4 death from highly contagious Ebola virus and declared outbreak this week. Health officials said on Friday that a total of four people had passed away from the extremely deadly Ebola virus in Uganda, where the outbreak was officially proclaimed earlier this … Read more

Ebola Outbreak In Congo As World Faces Coronavirus Pandemic

Congo Hit By Second Ebola Virus Outbreak Amid Coronavirus Pandemic EBOLA OUTBREAK IN CONGO – As the world faced the catastrophic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Congo was hit by a second wave of the ebola virus. In 2018, the Ebola virus caused at least 2,243 fatalities since it started in August of 2018. Following … Read more

Ebola Virus Found in Doctor’s Eyes After Treatment

Last year, American doctor Ian Crozier was diagnosed with Ebola virus in his blood but was treated at Emory University Hospital and soon declared free of the virus, not knowing it still lied in his eyes. The doctor at the time worries less in his eyes. “There were lots of things sort of higher on … Read more