COVID-19 Vaccine Human Testing Eyed On September

J&J Medical Eyes COVID-19 Vaccine For Human Testing By September

COVID-19 VACCINE – As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, medical experts are in a race to find a cure.

So far, there is still no approved vaccine for COVID-19. However, several companies have already made plans to conduct human testings of their vaccines.

One of these companies is Johnson & Johnson. According to an article from ABS-CBN, the company had selected a candidate to test its new coronavirus vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Human Testing Eyed On September
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Furthermore, J&J Medical is reported to begin its human trials by September. Additionally, the company said that the vaccine could be utilized for emergency use by early next year.

Moreover, the company had signed an agreement with the US government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. As such, an investment of $1 billion was made as an investment.

As per the report, J&E began developing a vaccine in January utilizing the same technology used to develop a candidate vaccine for the Ebola virus.

We had several vaccine candidates which we tested in animals in order to choose the best one, that took 12 weeks, from January 15 to today

Paul Stoffels | J&J Chief Scientific Officier

Meanwhile, there has yet to be a successful human vaccine for viruses belonging to the coronavirus family. However, Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffel emphasized they were confident.

This was because J&J was working with the same team that created the candidate vaccine for SARS, a strain of coronavirus that caused the deaths of around 800 people.

The question is, can you protect for infection or can you protect for severe disease? In many diseases, like in influenza, when you vaccinate on an annual basis, you protect for severe disease, you don’t always protect for infection

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