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COVID-19 Spreads To All Canadian Provinces, Most Linked To Travel

COVID-19 Spreads To All 10 Canadian Provinces, Strong Action Urged COVID-19 SPREADS TO ALL CANADIAN PROVINCES – All 10 of Canada’s provinces had reported cases of the new coronavirus, COVID-19. In a previous report, we learned that Prime Minister Trudeau’s wife was positive for the new coronavirus. She was one of the 313 total cases … Read more

JUST IN: Canada Prime Minister’s Wife Confirmed Positive for Coronavirus

Canada Prime Minister's Wife Positive Coronavirus

Wife of Canada Prime Minister Positive for Coronavirus CANADA PRIME MINISTER – The wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was confirmed positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus. Several countries across the globe now got confirmed cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Unfortunately, many nations even have multiple and increasing number of coronavirus deaths. … Read more