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Sleeping tips and why you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach.

SLEEPING TIPS – Here are some sleeping tips and the reasons you must know as to why you shouldn’t be sleeping on your stomach.

To sleep on our stomach could probably be the most comfortable at times, however, if you do this every night you might face consequences such as your health gets affected.

Check out these reasons why you must not be sleeping on your stomach:

  • The arteries in the backbone gets constricted and head facing on the side which makes blood flow limited to the brain. This is bad for people who have bad cholesterol for oxygen might leave the brain.
  • The chest gets compressed which affects breathing, thus, not getting enough oxygen which will only make you tired in the morning. The soft tissues in that area will also suffer pressure which can result to congestion, mastitis, or cysts.
  • The stomach also suffers in that condition and the function of the organs surrounding can get affected. And this may develop acid reflux that can lead to gastritis or ulcer.
  • If you are facing the pillow the whole night with that position, blood circulation gets worse resulting to puffiness of the face. And it may cause wrinkles in the face, neck, and chest area.
  • The neck gets flexed and stretch to a certain direction for a long time which restricts movement. It will constrict blood vessels and nerve endings which can cause damage. Also, you might wake up to a stiff neck or a sore neck.
  • Joints in knees, elbows, and feet are twisted in a not so comfortable way.
  • The spine, in this position, also suffers which can lead to pain in thel morning.
  • This position stresses the heart as per the Bright Side.


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