INTERROGATIVE PRONOUN: Its Definition & Examples

Definition and Examples of Interrogative Pronoun

INTERROGATIVE PRONOUN – Here is a definition of the interrogative type of pronouns and the examples.

One of the parts of speech in English with a lot of kinds or types is the pronoun. This parts of speech replaces the noun in a sentence to prevent its repetition most especially in cases of paragraphs.

Aside from the Indefinite Pronoun, another type of pronoun is Interrogative Pronoun. In this article, we will discuss about this kind of pronoun and as well as give some examples and sample sentences.

Interrogative Pronoun

Based on an article on Grammar, an Interrogative Pronoun is a pronoun that is used to asked questions. It may refer to a person, a thing, an event, or a possession.

Here is a list of the examples of this type of pronoun and as well as some sample sentences:

WHAT – This pronoun is used to ask about a thing or an event.

  • What is the celebration tomorrow?
  • What did he use to open the locked door?
  • What happened to the bowls at the kitchen?

WHO – This pronoun is used to ask about a person who is the subject of the matter.

  • Who ate the strawberry jam at the refrigerator?
  • Who transferred the books to another room?
  • Who will lead the performance tomorrow?

WHICH – This pronoun is used to ask about a preference between two(2) or more choices.

  • Which do you like more, dog or cat?
  • Which among your students is the most punctual?
  • Which color did Samantha choose?

WHOM – This pronoun is used to ask about the receiver of the action.

  • To whom did Dante spoke regarding the package?
  • To whom did the teacher sent the letter?
  • To whom will you give those flowers?

WHOSE – This pronoun is used to ask about the owner of a thing or a place.

  • Whose cup was left at the kitchen?
  • Whose assignment was not checked?
  • Whose car will he use to fetch Jane at the airport?

Based on the article, aside from the aforementioned examples of interrogative pronoun, the following are also part of the group:

  • Whoever
  • Whatever
  • Whatsoever
  • Whomsoever
  • Whomever
  • Whosever
  • Whichever

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