Nicko Falcis Lambasts Resolution From Taguig City, Cries Foul Over “Biased” Decision

Nicko Falcis cries foul over biased decision from Taguig OCP.

NICKO FALCIS – The financial whiz Nicko Falcis lambasted the resolution from Taguig OCP and stressed that their decision is “bias”.

In a previous report, media mogul Kris Aquino shared victory after the Taguig City fiscal found probable cause to charge Falcis of Estafa through Misappropriation and Conversion and violation of Access Devices Regulation Act. However, she was not able to stress that the qualified theft she filed was dismissed.

On the other hand, the resolution from the Taguig City says that they are charging Falcis in court with Estafa and Credit Card Fraud. Meanwhile, both the Makati City and Pasig City prosecutor’s offices have the same decision of dismissing the filed complaints due to insufficient evidences.

With the decision from the Taguig City, Falcis cried foul because of injustice and biased decision after the resolution favored the complainant. In the post, he said, “Sadly, Taguig OCP is inherently biased and our motions were ignored, where is the fair justice there? Taguig Investigating Prosecutor Claire Eufracian Pagayanan was appointed by PNoy in 2016 as Prosecutor II.”

Moreover, she shared that there are conflicting statements with the resolution. He highlighted the “proof of bias or sloppy manufactured decision from Assistant City Prosecutor Claire Eufracia Pagayanan.”

Accordingly, the first photo suggested that “Kris Aquino’s evidence FAILED to prove probable cause for violation of R.A. 8484” while the second one has stated that there is a “probable cause exists for violation of R.A. 8484.”

“This is what happens when you rush your decision by drafting in a biased manner! The prosecutor should inhibit given she was appointed by PNoy on January 8, 2016 as Prosecutor II in Taguig,” he says.

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