Diego Loyzaga’s Depressing Times Recalled After Alleged Suicide Attempt

Diego Loyzaga’s depressing times reminisced following rumors of his alleged suicide attempt

The depressing times of Diego Loyzaga were recalled as reports about his alleged suicide attempt surfaced.

Suicide attempt Diego Loyzaga
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Often, suicidal instincts and incidence when one takes his or her own life is associated with depression.

Recently, there were allegations that Diego is the subject of this blind item about a suicide attempt.

The silence coming from his camp even fired up the speculations.

If it is true or not, apparently, Diego is not the only son of Cesar Montano who is being associated with suicide.

In a previous article it was mentioned that Cesar’s son Christian Angelo Montano reportedly killed himself in 2010.

That time, Christian Angelo was 23 and now Diego is also 23 when news about his alleged suicidal tendency circulated.

With this issue, the depressing times of Diego Loyzaga was recalled.

Based on the article published in PEP, the Los Bastardos actor admitted that he does not like the Christmas vibe.

“I’m happy nga na busy ako nang ber months,” he shared during the press conference of his new show.

When asked if it is because of the fact that his family is not complete, Diego said, “Let’s not put into words.”

Diego Loyzaga

He added, “It’s just the whole… yun na nga, the whole Christmas-y vibe. Gano’n. I’d rather be out of the country.” 

The actor also said that he and his mom, Teresa Loyzaga always travel out of the country during the holiday season, based on the article.

April of last year, Diego also opened up in Tonight with Boy Abunda that he is not happy when Christmas and New Year’s Day come.

He said that it was the time when his grandfather passed away.

If Diego Loyzaga’s alleged suicide attempt is true, could his depressing times contributory to what happened?

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