Diego Loyzaga Isn’t Just Cesar Montano’s Son Associated With Suicide

It is not only Diego Loyzaga who is associated with suicide among the sons of Cesar Montano

Diego Loyzaga is not just the son of Cesar Montano who was associated with suicide.

Recently, there were allegations saying that a blind item pointed to the suicide attempt of Diego.

Diego Loyzaga

It was mentioned in a previous article that the camp of the 23-year-old actor is keeping their silence about the issue.

His mother, Teresa Loyzaga did not answer inquiries on various communication platforms. Diego’s close friends and the Star Magic management did not confirm nor deny the allegations.

His father, Cesar Montano, has not released any statement about this yet.

Diego Loyzaga

Apparently, Diego Loyzaga is not just Cesar’s son who was connected with suicide.

It can be recalled that Christian Angelo Montano reportedly was found dead in his house in  Quezon City.

That happened back in March 2010. During that time, Cesar’s son was 23 years old.

Diego’s alleged suicide attempt also surfaced on entertainment news on his 23rd year.

Diego Loyzaga

Based on the article previously published in GMA, Christian Angelo died from a gunshot wound in the head.

Senior Superintendent Audie Arroyo, the police deputy for operations of Quezon City that time confirmed this report.

“Meron po, confirmed. Tinawagan ng Station 6, meron talaga na-receive na report. Anak ito ni Cesar Montano, Christian Angelo, 23 years old,” he said.

Cesar Montano

The QCPD received a call from the house of Christian Angelo and when the policemen arrived, they found his dead body.

According to Arroyo, the security guard in the house said that there was someone who committed suicide.

On the other hand, a separate report stated the Cesar’s son was pronounced dead on arrival Malvar General Hospital in Quezon City.

Based on the report, here is the official statement from Cesar Montano regarding the death of Diego Loyzaga’s half-brother.


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