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Marco Gumabao and Diego Loyzaga

Marco Gumabao Talks About Diego Loyzaga’s Depression Issue

Kylie Verzosa Is Dating Jake Cuenca? Netizens Say It’s “Downgrade”

Jake Cuenca Dating

Jake Cuenca Dating This Beauty Queen International Titleholder?

Los Bastardos Welcomes Joseph Marco After Diego Loyzaga’s Exit

Diego Loyzaga

Diego Loyzaga To Transfer To GMA After Los Bastardos Character Died?

Los Bastardos stars

Diego Loyzaga’s Previous Thoughts About ‘Los Bastardos’ Co-stars

Marco Gumabao Confirms Diego Loyzaga Is Going Through Difficult Times

Diego Loyzaga bids goodbye to Los Bastardos character

Diego Loyzaga Finally Bids Goodbye To ‘Los Bastardos’

Diego Loyzaga “Nagpapagaling”; Joseph Marco To Replace Him In Series