Death Penalty In The Philippines: The Points Of Strong Opposing Sides Exposed

“Death Penalty In The Philippines” Gather Two Strong Opposing Sides

DEATH PENALTY – Two strong opposing sides undeniably surround the talk about having the Death Penalty in the Philippines.

One of the topics that are widely talked about in the Philippines and has never died out is the death penalty or its reimposition in the Christian country. Just like any topic out there, there are those who are in favor of it while there are also those who are against it.

However, what makes this topic different is that two strong opposing sides actually surround it – each has their own powerful points.

On the side of the supporters of reimposing the Death Penalty in the Philippines, they believe that it is the way to stop the people from committing crimes as they fear that the punishment will cost their lives. The belief that it is a strong deterrent to crime unite the people who are supporting it.

Furthermore, many also stress that no one will lose his or her life if he or she won’t do any crime that is punishable by the Death Penalty. The people who are supporting it are vocal of their desire for a peaceful life for everyone.

Death Penalty
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On the other side of the horizon, those who are against having the Death Penalty in the Philippines strongly believe that no one has the right to take anyone’s life and it is not the solution to stop the crime rate in the country from increasing.

Moreover, many anti-death penalty individuals are also united by the belief that a restorative justice system will do more than what the said punishment can do in the country.

Also, the Philippines being a Christian nation is undeniably one of the top reasons why many people are against having it back in PH.

Undeniably, people coming from different walks of life have different reactions towards the topic. Meanwhile, amid the topic living with two strong sides, every person is entitled to his or her own view.

What do you think about it? Are you in favor or against the reimposition of Death Penalty in the Philippines?

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