Giselle Sanchez Posts Message For Heart Evangelista Following Actress Losing Her Baby

Giselle Sanchez Emphatizes with Heart Evangelista

GISELLE SANCHEZ – Comedienne Giselle Sanchez took to the social media a heartfelt and comforting message for actress Heart Evangelista.

Previously, actress Heart Evangelista took to the social media an announcement that made lots of her fans and supporters feel happy and excited. Based on a report, Heart revealed that she’s pregnant with her first baby with her husband Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero.

Everyone in their family including the two children of the Senator from his previous marriage are happy and excited to meet the additional member of their “beautiful family”. In a report, it is stated that the actress is supposedly pregnant with twins but the other embryo was behind in terms of development.

Meanwhile, Heart Evangelista remained positive despite the heaviness in her heart after losing one of her twins.

Heart Evangelista
@iamhearte IG

However, unfortunately, Heart Evangelista also lost the remaining baby of the set of twins. According to another report, just as she hit the three-month mark in her pregnancy, they went for a check-up and found out that the heart of her baby has stopped beating.

Heart Evangelista, Sen. Chiz Escudero
@iamhearte IG
Heart Evangelist
@iamhearte IG

The actress revealed it on social media and many of her followers were saddened by the news. Recently, a celebrity who also went through losing a baby, Giselle Sanchez, took to the social media a comforting message for Heart.

In her social media post, Giselle revealed that she also lost her baby Gio before. She emphatizes with the pain that Heart is going through as she also went through the same pain before. Meanwhile, she reminded the actress that God makes everything alright.

The comedienne also raised the biblical story of Joseph the Dreamer wherein he has to be sold as a slave to become the adviser of the king. She stated a prayer that the actress will soon conceive.

Here is the full post of Giselle Sanchez:

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