Giselle Sanchez Thanked Rendon Labador for Apologizing

Giselle Sanchez Reacts to Rendon Labador Apologizing to Celebrities He Criticized Actress Giselle Sanchez thanked social media personality Rendon Labador for apologizing to celebrities he criticized. Rendon Labador, an influencer and entrepreneur, has issued a public apology to Coco Martin, Michael V, and all those who were mistreated and affected by his statements against them. … Read more

Giselle Sanchez Urges Rendon Labador to Admit His Mistakes

Giselle Sanchez Wants Rendon Labador to Admit His Mistakes Against Celebrities Actress Giselle Sanchez urges social media personality Rendon Labador to apologize and admit his mistake against celebrities. Giselle Sanchez recently expressed her thoughts on Rendon’s accusations towards Coco Martin and Michael V. Giselle advises Rendon to simply accept his error. According to the actress, … Read more

Debbie Garcia Opens Up About Challenges She Encountered

debbie garcia

Debbie Garcia had to go through these challenges Vivamax actress Debbie Garcia opened up about the challenges she encountered these past years. Debbie has been in the entertainment industry for a decade now. Just recently, she was given a chance to star in films shown on Vivamax. Aside from being known as one of the … Read more

Giselle Sanchez Criticized By Floy Quintos For Saying MiM is ‘Art’

giselle sanchez

Giselle Sanchez received bashing for playing “Cory” in MiM Actress Giselle Sanchez was criticized by director Floy Quintos for saying that the movie Maid in Malacañang is “art.” Following the release of the movie teaser, Giselle received a bashing online. Her name topped the Twitter trend on Tuesday because of a controversial scene that featured … Read more

Giselle Sanchez Cites 2 Reasons Why She Accepted “Cory” Role

giselle sanchez darryl yap

It’s revealed! Giselle Sanchez plays “Cory” in ‘Maid in Malacañang’ Actress Giselle Sanchez cited two reasons why she accepted the offer to play the character of “Cory” in the controversial movie Maid in Malacañang. Even before the official release of the said movie about the last 72 hours of the Marcoses in the Palace, issues … Read more

Giselle Sanchez Narrates Sara Duterte’s “Perseverance”

giselle sanchez sara duterte

Giselle Sanchez shared what she witnessed during Sara Duterte’s inauguration Actress-host Giselle Sanchez narrated the “perseverance” of Vice President-elect Sara Duterte that she witnessed not just during the latter’s inauguration but also even years ago. Giselle was the one who hosted the thanksgiving concert in Davao City after the inaugural ceremony. In her recent article … Read more

Jake Cuenca-Kylie Verzosa Breakup: Rumored Reasons Surface

jake cuenca kylie verzosa

What is the reason behind the breakup of Jake Cuenca and Kylie Verzosa? Rumors surfaced about the reason why celebrities Jake Cuenca and Kylie Verzosa decided to end their three-year relationship. Through an emotional Instagram post, Jake confirmed that he and Kylie are no longer together. This came after days of speculations about the real … Read more