Heart Evangelista Loses First Baby With Chiz Escudero

Celebrity Couple Heart Evangelista, Chiz Escudero Lose Baby ‘Mira’

HEART EVANGELISTA – Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero’s wife Heart Evangelista recently revealed that they lost the remaining baby.

Previously, many were in joy when actress Heart Evangelista announced that she’s pregnant with her first baby with her politician husband Sen. Chiz Escudero.  It was in 2015 when the celebrity couple officially tied the knot.

Based on a report, the actress, through a post, expressed their excitement to meet another member of their family. The baby already has excited older siblings – the children of the politician from his previous marriage.

However, recently, many were saddened when Heart Evangelista revealed that she and Sen. Chiz Escudero lost their baby – the remaining of the set of twins that the actress’ carrying. She previously revealed that they lost one of the twins as “one of the embryos was smaller and behind in terms of development”.

Heart Evangelista, Chiz Escudero
@iamhearte IG

In her recent Instagram post, Heart Evangelista stated that there are not enough words to express the heaviness of their hearts but she recognizes that it is part of her journey to becoming a mother.

She stated that during their appointment with the doctor, they found out that the heart of the baby has stopped beating. She was on the third month of her pregnancy during that time.

Heart Evangelista
@iamhearte IG

Heart Evangelista admitted that she and her husband were so ready to meet their baby although it might be too early for others. According to her, carrying the baby made her feel like a “completely new person”.

The actress expressed her gratitude to everyone who expressed their love for her on her entire journey. She also stated that the kindness of other people who also lost their baby to share their stories reminded her to be strong.

In her post, Heart Evangelista revealed that she has already picked a name for her baby – “Mira”. Here’s the full post of the actress:


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