Heart Evangelista Loses Chance Of Twin Pregnancy Due To This Unfortunate Reason

Heart Evangelista is supposed to have a twin pregnancy.

HEART EVANGELISTA – The pregnant Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista shared with a heavy heart the unfortunate reason why she lost her chance to have a twin pregnancy.

Heart Evangelista is finally pregnant after years of being married to the politician Chiz Escudero and they have gladly announced it through an Instagram post as per the previous report.

The people, especially the set of twins of the politician from a previous marriage, who share a great relationship with their stepmom Heart, was so delighted by the news. Based on their reaction to a video shared by the pregnant Kapuso actress, they were excited to see and to have another sibling.

Check out the post of the actress as she announced the good news to the public:


As per her pregnancy, Evangelista further shared that her husband became sweeter to her and never failed to remind her of how proud he is of her.

A follow-up report also indicated that she is already going through paglilihi and she also undergoes “new feelings” to her such as vomiting.

Heart Evangelista
@iamhearte IG
Heart Evangelista
Photo lifted from livelovelaugh.site
Heart Evangelista
Screenshot from Instagram: @iamhearte

Yet, in one of the recent Instagram posts of the actress, she revealed that she is supposed to have a twin pregnancy. But she lost one of the two embryos.

“Unfortunately one of the embryos was smaller and behind in terms of development and so we lost one of the twins. Our hearts were heavy at the thought but we knew we had to focus on the good,” she heavily informed through the post.

She then expressed her realizations that her journey to being a mother will have “ups and downs” that will make her a “stronger Mom”.


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